Friday, June 26, 2015

Freshman Year Sucked!!!

Im in highschool now and ive just finished my Freshmen year. It was the worst. First year in Arizona and the School experience. Sucked. Im not going tell you that everything should be blamed on the teachers or the principal or the school itself. It was me. I screwed up BIG TIME!. I got an F in English. Thats Sad. I speak the Language. Im not saying that im dumb. Im really smart. Im just super lazy. Thats my worst trait. I need to try a lot harder next year. I went in thinking that it was going to be easy. Just like Middle School. NOPE! I thought i could Slack off, play around with my friends and then on the last two months of school i could make a comback like i used to do in Middle school. lol BAD IDEA. The projects and assignments got harder and then came Finals. I thought i was screwed. At the time i had an F in both English and Biology. same percentage and everything. 56% i took the Biology Final Nailed it and got an 85%. Brought my grade up to a 65% D. then i took the Reading Final. I thought i was going to get an A or at least a B. i dont know what i got but whatever the Grade was brought my Grade up by 1 point. 56%---57%! Crazy. I tried so hard o n that test and now only to be disappointed by my own carelessness. Here is a Lesson. Take it from me. Never slack off in the subjects your worst at. In General, Dont Slack Off At All. You Will Regret it.

How do you know your in love?

My story is a lot different than most. And I mean this about love stories. I know I'm 15 and I shouldn't be thinking about love and all of that. But every guy that I've been with they say I love you so quickly and get mad or sad when I don't say it back so I say it back so I won't hurt their feelings. I don't mean not to mean it. I just don't mean it. It makes me feel like a bad person sometimes. My heart never flutters and I never feel nervous around anyone. Some told me I'm cold-hearted. I don't think I'm that bad. Maybe I'm just honest about my feelings. But I really want to know what it feels like to have someone you love and he or she loves you back.